Our Story

Highview Nutrition was founded in 2023 by Juan M Ramirez, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer. Coach Ramirez has a deep sense of purpose to help people transform their lives through better nutrition and fitness habits. 

A child of Mexican immigrants, Coach Ramirez has been a witness to people in his community struggle with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and physical disabilities related to fitness. He was inspired to create his own coaching practice to directly guide others to develop sustainable and healthy lifestyles changes. 

Coach Ramirez’s commitment to health and wellness extends to his personal life, where he regularly practices meditation, dynamic stretching and weightlifting with his wife Lily. 

Join Coach Ramirez at Highview Nutrition and explore the possibilities of obtaining health, wellness, and new heights of success! 

Coach Juan Ramirez pointing at the camera
A variety of fruit and vegetables in a bowl.

Our Mission

To educate and coach the working individual from suboptimal health to excellent health.

Like many of you, my parent’s were working class people who hustled to make a wonderful life for their children in the USA. They did this at the sacrifice of their personal health in order to put in those 60+ hours at work to put food on the table.

I want to honor my parent’s by helping this new generation of workers not have to sacrifice their future in order to provide for their families in the present. – Coach Ramirez

Take Control of your Health Today!

Let Highview Nutrition help you in losing excess weight, improve daily nutrition and get better exercise results through our program!

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